sweet november


When I am home, I do my writing in our music room. It's really just a loft area, but it has a big window that looks out onto our street. Well, this particular day it was really grey and dark and that tends to put me in a reflective mood. I had some lyrics I was playing around with on two other songs, but when I dropped them into this chord progression on the guitar everything just seemed to fit. The meaning is really about my weakness, and how those rough seasons we all have in life seem to last and extra long time.

Most days I feel abandoned in myself
Most days I think there's no chance to get out
most nights I crumble, Your blessings forgotten
Can't remember why Iím here
Sweet Novemeber

Ask me a question, I'll give you an answer
Let's hope it's the one you have come here to find
But if you'll excuse me, I must be departing
Sometimes love is hard to find
Sweet November lasts forever

It sounds as if the ocean's right outside my door
But honestly speaking, it's not closer then before
The movement of December winds on these November plains
Whisper that my love for you still remains

Sweet November last forever
Sweet November last forever