reading II

I have some more thoughts on books if you want to hear them. I went ahead and got the second book by Donald Miller called Searching For God Knows What and again I am blown away and just really love this author.

I have so many pages dog eared its just nuts! Here is what one pastor said "If you have felt that Jesus is someone you respect and admire - but Christianity is something that repels you - Searching For God Knows What will give you hope that you still can follow Jesus and be part of a church without the trappings of organized religion." - Dan Kimball (Vintage Faith Church Santa Cruz)

It may sound funky but having lived in the Bible Belt for awhile now itís amazing to me that the majority of people around here say they are Christians (or "Baptist" is actually a more popular phrase). But honestly, the source (Christ) has been lost to so many who are simply taught right behavior and good habits from the pulpit with no true depth or concern for their souls.

Miller just comes at it from another point of view, like a conversation you may have in coffee house in regards to religion and faith. Our traditions in the church versus what is really required of us to know God. It's really neat! So I hope you pick it up and judge for yourself.

Future Books:
Bono - in conversation with Michka Assayas
Christ The Lord - Anne Rice