I really love to read. My interest can be random - from Christian fiction (Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers is a must read!) to Christian study (Case for Christ and Case for Faith by Lee Strobel, amazing).

I am always open to suggestions as to what to read next! I usually get some ideas from friends, but I wanted to share some about what I have just finished, because, as I always appreciate suggestions, perhaps you would too!

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller has become my new favorite. I read it in one day! I didn't realize there was such a buzz about this book when I initially picked it up, but honestly I was blown away by it.

The heading on the cover reads, "Nonreligious thoughts on Christian Spirituality" and that about says it. Miller just explains how Christ became something to him and how the realities of living out his faith took shape in his day to day life. The stories are so funny and his way of writing reminds me of the way I think. It had a very real and truthful vibe about it - it wasn't all wrapped up in empty Christian lingo and good "advice". If you have the chance, pick it up!