Web Update - September 13, 2010

"If God were so small that we could completely understand Him, He would not be great enough to be worshipped...Everything God expects of you Christ has already accomplished." - Recent sermon I heard

These words are taped to a door in my kitchen. It's something I see when I get a glass down for a drink or put the sippy cups away for the millionth time. It's a powerful reminder to me of God's sovereignty and care for me and also his complete worthiness of my worship. He is bigger and fully aware of me and has a purpose for all that happens to me.

That matters more when you have a family - my husband Greg and our two daughters, Evie who is 4 and Mae who is 2. Their presence affects all aspects of my life as it should and have rightly changed the way I see God's guidance and movement in every day. That includes music.

I am on staff at Central United Methodist in Fayetteville. I assist with the planning and sing two Sundays of each month. It has been great to be involved in that ministry. I help lead at my womens bible study on Tuesday and with my daughter, Evie's, children's program on Wednesday. All music, all worship. I have weddings to do and funerals at times, both such an honor. I still write as well, I am hopeful to record another CD though I admit I wonder what I could do with it. Its hard to fit in between dance class, gymnastics, Kindermusic and soccer (smile).

But in a way I feel that's as it should be. I am encouraged by those around me in the same season as I. Our greatest prayer is the salvation of our children and the hope of life lived actively serving Christ. Of course, I still have aspirations in the field of music. But what God gives me to do I shall do well and see where it goes.

Just wanted to get this info really caught up! I appreciate everyone who has supported me and believed I should do more. I will continue on and sing, sing, sing as long as I am given a place as pleases my Lord! Stay tuned...