I donít know if people really want to know this stuff, but we made a place for it so here goes (smile).

Full Name: Rachel Ann Billingsley

Age: 26 (wouldnt know it if you met me haha)

Years Singing: All my life really, but I've been traveling and touring since I was 15.

Birthplace: Van Nuys, CA

Birthday: Nov 20th

Current Home: Fayetteville, AR (Go Razorbacks!)

Education: Did one year in College (dance major can you believe it?) Then I joined a band and hit the road. But school is good (smile) - stay in school!

Places Visited: I LOVE to travel so I have had the opportunity to go with some bands and just on my own to some very cool spots. France, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Bora Bora (honeymoon) and most recent London and Uganda, Africa (Habitat).

Favorite Verse: Really, it's whatever I am in at the time. Right now I am going through "The Passion Of Christ" by John Piper and it has me reading Romans 8.

Pet Peeve: Idleness, I always like to have a project or something to work on.

Hobbies: Reading, running, snow skiing and wakeboarding (skiing I am good at...wakebaording, well I'm working on it), crochetting, painting, photography, movies, gardening, and time with friends.

Personal Influences: My mom for sure, my friends who make me better and keep me accountable, and my husband Greg.

Musical Influences: U2, Black Gospel Hymns, Waterdeep, there is always something new though.

Favorite Foods: I only eat chicken, turkey, and fish as far as meats go. But I like all kinds of styles, Mexican (chips and queso, yum), Italian ,Thai, and just a good ol Chilis will do too.

Favorite Resturant: Fayetteville - Gassiís Pesto Cafe, Taste of Thai, Bordinos, Shogun, Common Grounds. Chains - Chilis, Macaroni Grill, PF Changs, Wing Stop (really messy!).

Favorite Book: Whatever I am reading, I read a lot.

Favorite CD: Anything U2, Coldplay - Parachutes, and right now Use These Spoons by Hey Penny.